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Last modified on 12/5/2018 4:41 PM by User.

KB100002 - EPArchive Data File Management


EtaPRO 10.3 introduces the ability to store data outside of the EPArchive database in a series of files. Each file represents a month's worth of data for the plant. By having separate data files, it is possible to take these data files offline to reduce the footprint of EPArchive. Starting with EtaPRO 10.3, you can use the EPArchive Data File Management Utility to take specific historical data files files out of service in order to reduce the size of EPArchive. Additionally you can use this utility to add theses files back to EPArchive for use.

Take History Files Offline

Before doing any major changes to your EtaPRO System, it is critical that you have created a MANUAL BACKUP of your EPArchive Database. This utility will disconnect selected historical data files from EPArchive, and you will not be able to view or use the data held in those files until you have reattached them.

This utility can only run on the EtaPRO Server and is not for use on a client computer.

Once you have read and understood the warning message, check the "I understand..." box and enter your Initials into the text box. 

This will unlock the rest of the utility for use. Click the Refresh button to find all of the Historical Data Files that are currently online with EPArchive.

Select which files to take offline by checking the box next to the entry in the list and then click Take Offline.

The utility will take the history file offline. Depending on the size of the history data files or how many were selected may take quite a bit of time to complete.

Once the history data file has been taken offline you will find the file has a different extension and has been greatly reduced in size.

You are now safe to move the file to another directory or another drive as needed. It is completely detached from EPArchive. 

Put History Files Online

If at any point you need to use the offline history data files again, you can use the same utility to put them back online.

To add an offline history data file back to EPArchive, first click the Put Online tab, then click Add to begin adding your offline history files.


The utility can put multiple offline history data files back online in the same operation, so feel free to add multiple offline history data files if necessary.

Wherever the offline file history data file resides is where the utility will place the online data file. Therefore, if you've moved the offline history data file to a different directory, you may want to move it back to a logically appropriate place.

Once you've added your offline history data files, click Put Online to begin the processes of adding the history data file back to EPArchive.

The utility will unpack the offline history data file and then add the information back to EPArchive. Again depending on the size of the history data file, it may take quite some time.

When the utility has completed adding the history data file back to EPArchive, the data contained within the file will once again be available in EtaPRO.