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Last modified on 12/5/2018 5:16 PM by User.

KB100026 - EtaPRO Data Interface Quick Start Guide

EtaPRO Data Interfaces collect data from various data sources for use and storage in an EtaPRO system. All communications between data interfaces and EtaPRO systems are one-way. Multiple interface instances can be hosted by a single windows service. Multiple interface host services can run simultaneously on different workstations for data collection to a single or multiple EtaPRO systems. A detailed EtaPRO Data Interface Installation & Configuration Guide is available for download on the EtaPRO Support site at with a password provided to registered users by email at

The EtaPRO Data Interface software is installed on the EtaPRO Server with the full installation of EtaPRO 10.2 or later. The EtaPRO Data Interface Service Manager is used to license and configure the interface(s) that will collect data from a data source(s) for use and storage in an EtaPRO system. This tool is also used to start and stop the EtaPRO Data Interface service. The following steps cover configuring and licensing the interfaces.

  1. Click the EtaPRO Data Interface Service Manager icon in the Start | All Programs | EtaPRO 10 menu on the EtaPRO server hardware. The EtaPRO Data Interface Service Manager dialog displays. Click the Configurator button.


  1.  The first time the EtaPRO Data Interface Configurator runs, the Interface Selection dialog will display. Select the OPC Interface from the Source drop-down list. Leave the Transport set to EtaPRO

  1. Click OK to display the EtaPRO Data Interface Configurator
  2. Under the Interface Configuration section, change the Logging Level to High. This will aid in troubleshooting.
  3. The settings for the interface are configured on the Interface tab. This tab has its own set of tabs. On the General tab, leave the Buffer set to True. This enables the interface to store data when the connection to the EtaPRO Server is lost. You can limit the size of the buffer by adjusting the Buffer File Count and the Buffer Size. The Buffer File Count will determine how many files with the size specified by the Buffer Size (in MB) are to be created for buffering. To disable data buffering set the Buffer to False.

  1. If you expect to use connections to more than one OPC server, you may want to set the Instance to something which describes the OPC server or purpose. Otherwise, leave it at the default OPC for now. The Instance must be unique for each connection to different OPC servers.


  1. Cick the  Add New button to display the Refresh Rate dialog. Add a new Refresh Rate with a Period of 30 seconds as shown below. Click OK to add the Refresh Rate to the list.

  1. On the Data Source tab, enter the name of the OPC server in the OPC Server field.  Note that this is case-sensitive. Click on the Test Connect button to verify that the connection works.  

  1. On the Data Transport tab, configure the EtaPRO Server connection information accordingly. Connection information will be provided by GP Strategies following the installation of the EtaPRO Server software and configuration databases. Click Test Connect to verify that the connection can be made. 


  1. Check the Interface Active box. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the EtaPRO Data Interface Service Manager. If you are installing EtaPRO 10.3 or later, skip to step 21.

  1. Click the Licensing button to enter license information.  Enter the Product Key provided to you by GP Strategies in the field at the top of the form.

  1. Click Activate. If the activation is successful, a message will display on the EtaPRO Data Interface Licensing dialog indicating that the license validation was successful and further action is not required. Click Close to complete the licensing process.
  2. If you do not have internet access, you will see a message indicationg that activation failed.

  1. Click OK and the Manual Activation field displays on the EtaPRO Data Interface Licensing dialog.  
  2. Click To File... to save a *.txt file to an external device so that file can be opened on a computer with internet access.

  1. Open this website on a computer with internet access: to display EtaPRO Manual Activation website. Enter your Product Key and the Manual Registration Identifier in the fields provided along with your email address.
  2. Click Submit. An Email containing your Product Manual Activation Identifier will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive the email or encounter difficulties during activation, please contact EtaPRO Support at Include your Product Key and the file with the Manual Registration Identifier.
  3. Open the EtaPRO Data Interface Licensing dialog again and enter the Manual Activation Identifier provided in the email and then click Activate

  1. A message will display on the EtaPRO Data Interface Licensing dialog indicating that the features are now enabled. Click Close to complete the licensing process and return to the EtaPRO Data Interface Service Manager window.
  2. Click Start to start the interface service.
For additional assistance with this procedure or to report an error, please contact EtaPRO Support at or 716-799-1077. Eskom users should submit questions to