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KB100013 - EtaPRO Data Points with a Pink Alarm Background


Several data points in EtaPRO are displaying a bright pink background. What does this mean?


The bright pink color is an EtaPRO alarm state that indicates DATABASE CONFIGURATION ERROR.

This alarm occurs when a data point argument or other information needed to initialize a Point ID is missing on that point's configuration form.

It can also occur when a Point ID used as an argument is placed downstream of the alarming Point ID (points out of order). Data points in EtaPRO are initialized in a specific sequence called the Initialization Order. When EtaPRO updates, it starts with the data point having an initialization index of one (1) and continues through the entire set of data points defined in the EtaPRO point table, replacing previous values with new ones. If a data point depends on another data point either as the independent variable in a user-defined formula, schedule, or smart default, or as an argument to a calculation template, the other data point must be initialized before it. 

To correct this, move the argument(s) to a position in the data point list so that it has a lower initialization index number than the calculation, equation, or XY schedule data point.

  1. Open the System Configuration Tools, and select the All Data Points form. For multiple units, make sure the correct unit tab is selected.

  1. Highlight the argument point to be moved.
  2. Click the Move button to open the EtaPRO dialog box.
  3. Enter a new index number and click OK to close the dialog box.

  1. Click the Update button and then Exit.
  2. Reconfigure the unit.


Additional Troubleshooting - Post EtaPRO Upgrade

In EtaPRO, a code change was made to reveal additional Database Configuration Errors. This includes the presence of incorrect Non-Volatile Data references, primarily in Air Heater, Condenser, and Feedwater Heaters.

Following this upgrade, any Calculation Templates that reference Non-Volatile Data should be reviewed for accuracy.


For additional assistance with this procedure or to report an error, please contact EtaPRO Support at or 716-799-1077. Eskom users should submit questions to