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Knowledge Base Articles»KB100007 - EPReporter 10.3.11
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KB100007 - EPReporter 10.3.11


Beginning with version 10.3.11, EPReporter has been updated to use a new generation method for generating EPReporter reports. This update adds compatibility for features present in newer versions of Microsoft Excel, some of these features are support for:

  • Additional functions added in Excel 2010 and later (Click for Function Reference)
  • Additional conditional formatting options
  • 3-D charts and graphs
  • Sparklines

By default this new generation method is enabled when upgrading the EtaPRO Server to version 10.3.11 and no configuration is needed to begin using it.


Configuration for EPReporter is done from the EtaPRO Server by launching the EPReporter Configuration Utility available from the Start Menu.

Main Form

The following options are present on the Main Form:

  • EtaPRO Connections - For managing the EtaPRO Connections used by the Report Generator.
  • PI Connections - For managing the PI Connections used by the Report Generator.
  • Advanced Distribution Settings - To access the advanced Report Generator settings.
  • Report Distribution Directories - Allows configuration of the distribution path, text file path, and steam properties on a report by report basis. If nothing is specified here the overall Report Generator settings are used.

Advanced Settings Form

The following options are present on the Advanced Settings Form:

  • Generation Mode - Specifies the generation mode used by the Report Generator.
    • Use SpreadsheetGear (Legacy) - Use SpreadsheetGear for generating EPReporter reports.
    • Use DevExpress - Use DevExpress for generating EPReporter reports.
  • Steam Formulation Properties - Specifies which steam property formulation is used when generating reports containing GPCALCS function calls.
    • IFC 67 - Use the IFC-67 steam properties.
    • IFC 97 - Use the IFC-97 steam properties.
    • EtaPRO System Setting - Uses the same setting as the EtaPRO Server specified in the System Configuration.
  • Cache Properties - Used to enable or disable caching when generating an EPReporter report. (Normally this should not need to be disabled)
    • Caching Enabled - Turn caching on or off for the Report Generator.
    • Cache Expiration Time (Minutes) - Specifies the amount of time a function call will be stored for before it is cleared from the cache.
  • Report Distribution Directories - Specifies the directories to which reports should be stored.
    • Default Directory - The default directory to which all reports are stored unless overridden on a report by report basis.
    • Default Text File Directory - The default directory to which all text files are generated unless overridden on a report by report basis.


If an issue is encountered using the DevExpress generation method it is possible to revert to the previous generation method by selecting Use SpreadsheetGear from the Advanced Settings Form and clicking Save. Please email with a description of the issue encountered for assistance.