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KB100024 - SQL Server Install …
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Last modified on 12/5/2018 5:13 PM by User.

KB100024 - SQL Server Install Walkthrough


This document will walk through how to install a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express for use with EtaPRO. This document is only applicable if this copy of SQL Server is used only for EtaPRO and that no other copies of SQL Server are already installed/running on the computer.

Before starting, ensure the following:

  • Administrator rights to add/remove software from the computer
  • The SQL Server 2014 Installation downloaded
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework Installed


1. Double-Click on the SQL Server 2014 installation routine.

2. Click on New installation or add feature to an existing installation.

3. Check the box to agree to the license terms and then click Next

4. Check the boxes for Database Engine Services as well as SQL Client Connectivity SDK and then click Next.

5. Select the option for Default Instance and then click Next

6. Do NOT change the Account Name for the SQL Server Database Engine Service and ensure that the SQL Server Database Engine is setup with the Startup Type - Automatic. Click Next

7. On the Server Configuration tab, select Mixed Mode for the Authentication Mode and specify a complex password. It is recommended to use long passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

8. On the Data Directories tab, specify C:\EtaPROFiles\Databases for the various data directories and C:\EtaPROFiles\Backups for the Backup Directory. If these directories do not exist, please create them now. If the server has a separate drive for Operating System and a different drive for Data, ensure that the installation conforms to that pattern. 

9. Click Next to begin the installation.

10. Once the installation is complete click Close 

11. Click the X to close the SQL Server Installation Center

12. The SQL Server Installation should be complete. It is recommended to also install the SQL Server Management Studio to manage the EtaPRO Databases.