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KB100029 - Moving EtaPRO Datab…
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KB100029 - Moving EtaPRO Databases

This article provides procedures to move the physical files (mdf, ldf) associated with an EtaPRO database as stored in SQL Server. Knowledge of SQL and SQL Management Studio is assumed in following these steps. If you have any questions about the following, please contact before proceeding.

It is recommended to review the following articles before you begin:

KB000046 - Restoring SQL Server Full and Differential Backups

KB100016 - EtaPRO SQL Server Databases - Attaching a database/Configuring a user

Moving EtaPRO Databases

1. Notify EtaPRO users of EtaPRO service outage. Ensure that all client tools (EtaPRO Client, Asset Editor, Concern Viewer, etc.) connected to the EtaPRO Server are closed and all work is saved.

2. Verify EtaPRO database backups using SQL Management Studio. (RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM DISK = 'full directory and backup file name')

3. Note the folder location of each database file and corresponding transaction log file (sometimes they are in the same directory, sometimes not).

4. On successful completion of step 1, stop all EtaPRO Services.

5. Use SQL Management Studio to detach each EtaPRO database (units, plant, EPLog, EPArchive, APR, IssueTracking).

6. Move (cut/paste) the databases and transaction log files to the desired directory.

7. Use SQL Management Studio to attach the EtaPRO databases from their new directory.


8. Confirm that database permissions have not changed for the SQL user account used by EtaPRO services.

9. Use the EtaPRO Service Manager Configuration Settings to confirm connectivity to each EtaPRO database.

10. Start all EtaPRO services.