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EPOPCServer Configuration
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EPOPCServer Configuration

EtaPRO OPC Server Configuration

The EtaPRO OPC Server settings can be customized using the following:

1. Launch the Run app from the Windows Start menu with an Administrator account:

2. Navigate to the EtaPRO 10 Server installation directory, usually this is C:\Program Files (x86)\General Physics Corporation\EtaPRO 10 Server

3. Select the file EPOPCConfig.exe.

4. Add the switch /c to the end of the file path, then click OK

5. The following configuration form will be displayed:

These settings are stored in the EPOPCSettings.xml file, stored in the same directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\General Physics Corporation\EtaPRO 10 Server.


If data within EtaPRO is flatlined or displaying some alarm state, the EtaPRO OPC data will show the same. The procedure to troubleshoot communication disruptions:

1. Check network health between application and EtaPRO server

- Can the servers find each other via ping?

- Can you Telnet from one server to the other using the same port number as OPC?

2. Restart the 3rd Party Application to allow reconnection

3. Examine EtaPRO data - is it updating regularly or are trends flatlined?

4. If EtaPRO data is in error, trace its data source

- Is the data source able to communicate to EtaPRO?

- Is the EtaPRO Data Interface functioning? Can it connect to the data source and EtaPRO?

- Have any other data interfaces or historians stopped updating?